Dimitri Kovachev REFERENCES

"Producer and reliable source of quality material."

    ― Prestige Records, LTD. UK. Keith Thomas, Chairman of the Group. ph: +44(0) 20 7405 3786


"I got acquainted with Dimitri through his music. I loved the demo he sent to me. I find Dimitri to be very creative in looking for new ways to arrange and produce music. He is a fine arranger and composer of music. Dimitri is a person of passion and great integrity."

    ― T. Skorman Production, Inc. USA, FL. Ted Skorman, President. ph: 407-895-3000 x205, www.talentagency.com


"His material offers a unique style and talent."

    ― DSM Producers, Inc. USA, NY. Suzan Bader, ph: 212-245-0006, 239-393-1754