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Hello, I am Dimitri K., music composer, producer and publisher, with recording production studio in Orlando, Central Florida. I am ASCAP member, writer and publisher under Dimitri K. Publishing, and BMI member publisher under Dimitri K. Production. My work is found on many singers' and instrumentalists' albums. My music has also been used in musical, TV and film. The music style that I compose, produce and represent includes but is not limited to: pop, top 40, new age, R&B, jazz, smooth jazz, folklore, soundtracks & classical.

  • Coming in February 2017: Silence.

    Silence music  Silence
    music  Shades and flavors
    music  Serendipity
    music  Pleasure is the law
    music  Intentional or otherwise
    music  Depictions
    music  Days gone by
    music  Manhattan midnight
    music  Night lights
    music  Holding back
    music  Promise
    music  Point of no return

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