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Hello, I am Dimitri K., music composer, producer and publisher, with recording production studio in Orlando, Central Florida. I am ASCAP member, writer and publisher under Dimitri K. Publishing, and BMI member publisher under Dimitri K. Production. My work is found on many singers' and instrumentalists' albums. My music has also been used in musical, TV and film. The music style that I compose, produce and represent includes but is not limited to: pop, top 40, new age, R&B, jazz, smooth jazz, folklore, soundtracks & classical.

My music

If you are interested to License any of the following tunes, contact me by e-mail, or through my online contact form, and I will respond to you with the pricing information. Music samples are MP3 format.
  1. 7/8: To preview songs and purchase this CD go to: CD Baby
    7/8 review by Contemporary Fusion Reviews, Feb 2019
    7/8 review by Take Effect Reviews, Feb 2019

    7/8 music  1. 7/8
    music  2. Inferred
    music  3. Interpretation of a dream
    music  4. Fashion Etiquette
    music  5. Blue Room
    music  6. Subtle Speculation
    music  7. Intuitive
    music  8. Your way
    music  9. Oculus
    music  10. A day in Paris
    music  11. Dusky light
    music  12. Set in motion

  2. Blue Cat: To preview songs and purchase this CD go to: CD Baby iTunes
    Blue Cat Review by Debbie Burke, Feb 2019
    Blue Cat Review by Smooth-Jazz.de, 2018
    Blue Cat Review by Jazz Journal, Sep 2018

    Blue Cat music  Blue cat
    music  I saw her
    music  Down Town
    music  Mystery bound
    music  Implied
    music  San Juan
    music  In all aspects
    music  Due time
    music  Obscurity
    music  Vague curiosity
    music  That'll do it
    music  Breakfast in heaven

  3. Slim Profile: Incomparable saxophone Smooth Jazz renditions from Harry Hall, long time New York and L.A. studio musician. To preview songs and purchase this CD go to CD Baby
    Slim Profile Review by Smooth-Jazz.de, 2018

    Slim Profile music  Slim Profile
    music  Mystique
    music  Undisclosed
    music  Unwind
    music  Call me up
    music  Wanna be
    music  You've got me
    music  Into your arms
    music  Casual day
    music  Disengaged
    music  Second time
    music  Chillout lounge
    music  RSVP

  4. Keep Moving: To purchase this CD go to Keep Moving.

    Keep Moving music  Keep Moving
    music  Michelle
    music  Skyline
    music  The notion
    music  Stranded
    music  Hallucination
    music  Just do it
    music  Vanished
    music  Sumptuous
    music  Smooth and Royal
    music  Key West
    music  Complicated

  5. So Intensified: To preview songs and purchase this CD go to CD Baby

    So Intensified music  So Intensified
    music  Adulation
    music  Alhambra
    music  Buenos Aires
    music  I was so
    music  I wish I was there
    music  Let's mingle
    music  Mission to Mars
    music  My soul
    music  On the sidelines
    music  Silence
    music  We will get by

  6. Silence: To preview songs and purchase this CD go to CD Baby

    Silence music  Silence
    music  Shades and flavors
    music  Serendipity
    music  Pleasure is the law
    music  Intentional or otherwise
    music  Depictions
    music  Days gone by
    music  Manhattan midnight
    music  Night lights
    music  Holding back
    music  Promise
    music  Point of no return

  7. Find the original music that will complement your TV/Film Project. We'll convert the demo in custom made soundtrack for your purpose. Immediate clearance.

    TV/Film Projec video  Key West
    video  Keep Moving
    video  Mistique
    video  Implied
    video  Vanished
    video  Sumptuous
    video  To be with you
    video  Alhambra
    video  We will get by
    video  Let's mingle
    video  So Intensified
    video  Days gone by
    video  Serendipity
    video  Silence
    video  I saw her
    video  Blue Cat
    video  Mystery bound
    video  San Juan
    video  Fashion Etiquette
    video  Inferred
    video  Interpretation of a dream

  8. Jam Session: Elegant Smooth Jazz tracks from the fingers of the New York based guitarist John Valeri.

    John Valeri Music music  Holding back
    music  Manhattan midnight
    music  Point of no return
    music  Promise
    music  Vague curiosity

  9. Roumi Petrova: For her previous classical album Gramophome Magazine quoted: "Roumi Petrova is a real find and a very pleasant surprise." In her new album "Implied" she reinvents the viola for Smooth Jazz.

    Roumi Petrova music  That Something
    music  Implied
    music  On the go
    music  Skydiving
    music  The Notion

  10. Alexander: Classically trained trumpeter, working on his first smooth jazz album.

    Alexander music  Anticipation
    music  Either way
    music  Obscurity
    music  Side track
    music  Slow & Go
    music  That'll do it

  11. Order a CD with your favorite greeting along with 10 smooth jazz songs.

    Greetings Birthday
    music Caribbean
    music Cabaret
    music Dear friend

    music Keep a smile
    music Call me Santa
    music Angel of love
    music Magic and dreams

    Mother's day
    music Dear mom

    music Be my Valentine

    4th of July
    music Heavy metal

    music Adams' family
    music Chants

    music Anniversary
    music Rainbow
    music Paramount

    music Miss you
    music Call me up
    music Your eyes

    music At the altar
    music So classical

  12. Medieval Voices Tonight: Contemporary blend pop and medieval chamber choir themes.

    Medieval Voices Tonight music  Due Time
    music  Game
    music  Imaginary
    music  Medieval
    music  Paradise
    music  Self
    music  Star
    music  Superstition
    music  Time

  13. Medieval Voices: Bulgarian Orthodox Music: Produced for Prestige Elite Records Ltd. in London. The CD was recorded with “Sredetz” Chamber Choir — Sofia. Conductor: Alexander Kouyumdjiev.

    Medieval Voices: Bulgarian Orthodox Music music  Bog
    music  Dostoino Est
    music  Glassom Moim
    music  Kratema
    music  Leto
    music  Ne Otvrati Litza
    music  Slava
    music  Slavoslovie
    music  Stijera
    music  Svetisja
    music  Voskresi
    music  Vsyakoe Dichanie

  14. Crossover: A New Age studio interpretation of the musical play “Under Manhattan Skyline.” Orchestrated by Roumi Petrova.

    Crossover CD music  High Emotions
    music  Evolution
    music  Motion Picture
    music  Alternatives
    music  City Symphony
    music  Confidential
    music  Silence
    music  The Other Side

  15. Selected Songs: Selected songs from different top performers. Many became the hit songs of the 80s in Bulgaria. Some songs sold over 200,000 LPs at a time.

    Selected Songs music  Тишина - Васил Найденов
    video  Тишина - Росица Кирилова и Васил Найденов
    music  За да остане в сърцето - Сборна Формация
    video  "За да остане в сърцето" - Сборна формация
    music  La mia dona - Георги Христов
    music  Отново в театъра - Сборна формация
    music  Лора - Георги Христов
    music  Една мечта - Лили Иванова
    music  Едно момче едно момиче - ВГ Стил
    video  Едно момче едно момиче - ВГ Стил
    video  Христина - Васил Найденов
    music  Човекът с латерната - ВГ Шанс
    music  Емилия - Трамвай №5
    music  Среща в шест - Васил Найденов
    music  Коя е тя - Лили Иванова
    music  Бялата река - Росица Кирилова
    music  Нощни реклами - Тони Томова
    music  Първо помисли после се жени - Маргарита Хранова
    music  На раздяла - Георги Станчев
    music  Манекен - Формация Клуб
    music  Христина - Васил Найденов
    music  Тишина - Росица Кирилова
    music  Цвят от дъгата - Формация Клуб
    music  В неделя - Васил Найденов
    music  Мое момиче - Формация Клуб
    music  Мария - Васил Найденов
    music  Все ми е едно- Формация Клуб
    music  Добър ден - Модел 22
    video  Българска роза - Стоян Захариев

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