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Hello, I am Dimitri K., music composer, producer and publisher, with recording production studio in Orlando, Central Florida. I am ASCAP member, writer and publisher under Dimitri K. Publishing, and BMI member publisher under Dimitri K. Production. My work is found on many singers' and instrumentalists' albums. My music has also been used in musical, TV and film. The music style that I compose, produce and represent includes but is not limited to: pop, top 40, new age, R&B, jazz, smooth jazz, folklore, soundtracks & classical.

If you are interested to License any of the following tunes by other composers and musicians, contact me by e-mail, or through my online contact form, and I will respond to you with the pricing information. The following samples are MP3 format, and open in a new window.
  1. Lyubo Denev: Lyubo Denev's live jazz renditions, based on Bulgarian folklore.

    Lyubo Denev music  Grozdanka
    music  Bulgarian boogie

  2. Shayan Italia: Spectacular voice and music right from the heart of London.

    Shayan Italia music  Soul
    music  Reflection
    music  Days of our lives

  3. Kamenbriajkite Babi: Authentic folklore from the heart of Bulgaria.

    Kamenbriajkite Babi

  4. Van Galen: Van Galen: Where words fail... music speaks! Original music by Van Galen: new age, modern jazz/rock.

    Van Galen music  Feeling
    music  Gators
    music  The Revolution
    music  Thunder

  5. K.D.George: K.D.George has 25 plus long music career. He performs in the Orlando and Central Florida area as a solo live performer and studio session musician. Genres include Latin Jazz, Samba, Bossa Nova, Bolero, Adult Contemporary.

    George Dimitrov music  Meditation

  6. Eva Quartet: Traditional, generational folklore coming from the village of Bistritza near Sofia, Bulgaria. Originally produced by Angel Popov. Represented since 2005.

    Not available music  Daybreak dawned
    music  Shopski airs
    music  Songs and dances from Pirin
    music  White Aishe's lament
    music  Sevdice
    music  Gel moma
    music  Bring the cattle out, Gano
    music  Dark mist fell
    music  The sun shimmers
    music  There's a fire burning
    music  Western Bulgarian refrain
    music  Aishinko
    music  Dzyalo blazhenie este

  7. Mozart: Performed by “Sofia Soloists,” conductor Plamen Djourov. Originally produced by Lubomir Damijanov. Represented since 1993.

    Mozart by Sofia Soloists music  Eine Kleine Nacht Musik Allegro
    music  Eine Kleine Nacht Musik Andante 1
    music  Eine Kleine Nacht Musik Andante 2
    music  Eine Kleine Nacht Musik Rondo Allegro
    music  Symphony #1 Allegro Multo
    music  Symphony #1 Andante
    music  Symphony #1 Presto
    music  Symphony #29 Allegro Moderato
    music  Symphony #29 Andante
    music  Symphony #29 Menuet
    music  Symphony #29 Allegro Con Spiritu

  8. Dobri Paliev: Original percussion music conducted by Prof. Dobri Paliev and performed by Ensemble “Polyrithmia.” Represented since 1994.

    Dobri Paliev Music music  Devil's dance
    music  Folk scene
    music  Pictures from Bulgaria

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